Based on the findings of the therapist’s assessment, the appropriate treatment will be given. It may include chest physiotherapy or neurodevelopmental therapy.

Chest Physiotherapy

Neurodevelopmental Therapy

Chest Physiotherapy

Chest physiotherapy aims to assist with secretion clearance through a variety of modalities, to improve oxygenation and ventilation.

Chest Physiotherapy may sound noisy, but it is not painful when performed correctly.

Breathing exercises

Manual clearance techniques

Suctioning (when indicated)

Sputum specimens

Advice on the management of asthma, allergies and environmental control

Neurodevelopmental therapy

Neurodevelopmental therapy is a problem-solving approach to the examination and treatment of the impairments and functional limitations of individuals with neuropathology, developmental difficulties. 

Developmental assessments

Screening of at-risk infants

Premature baby information, advice and developmental stimulation

Advice regarding normal motor development and assistance with achieving milestones

Treatment of developmental delay

Treatment of cerebral palsy

Treatment of low muscle tone, developmental co-ordination disorder, clumsy child

Treatment of torticollis

Treatment of other orthopaedic conditions

Rehabilitation post ICU, surgery, long-term hospitalisation

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